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China Personal Luggage Regulation

Shipping Instructions

1. Preparation

1) Personal baggage must be shipped after the passenger’s entry and must be imported and cleared within 6 months of the passenger’s entry;
2) Shipper and receiver MUST be the same person; shipper can only be person instead of company, shipment can only be shipped under 1 HAWB or mother and child shipment;
3) The consignee and phone number on HAWB must be valid;
4) Luggage should fulfil personal shipment requirements, basic principle is to be personal use;
5) Personal luggage must be old(used) products. Product must be unwrapped; DO NOT pack up shipments with both used and unused products; supplements, medicines, or any type of food and electronics are not allowed to be imported; pieces must be reasonable for “ personal use”, for example, 10 facial cleansing are obviously not reasonable for “personal use”;
6) Shipments with total value not exceeding CNY5000(Non-Chinese citizen CNY2000)will not be subject to customs taxes;
7) Prohibited items are not allowed;
8) SF will not receive or send the following common items related to aviation safety, including but not limited to the following items:
- gel, liquid, powder, products with pressure: for example, hair coloring, perfume, hand washing, disinfectant spray, hair gel, capsule health products, etc.
-Products with batteries: for example, mobile phones, tablets, watches, wireless headphones, electric drills, rechargeable treasure, electric toothbrushes, electronic scales, calculators, e-books, electric toys, etc
-Magnetic products: such as speakers, speakers, motors, etc
-Chemical products: such as paint, coating, hydrochloric acid, methanol, ethylene, etc

2. MUST- HAVE DOCUMENTS for Luggage Shipment from Canada to Chinese Mainland

Collect the following documents upon arrival
(1) The original passport should be mailed to the customs clearance department of SF Beijing branch (after the goods arrive at the port, SF customer service will contact the customer and inform the address for mailing passports and other materials. Please do not mail before the goods arrive at the port.);
(2) The original of the declaration form for luggage and articles of inbound and outbound passengers stamped with the customs entry seal shall be mailed to the customs clearance department of SF Beijing branch (passengers shall go through the red declaration lane when entering China Customs, and actively declare their separated luggage to the customs. The declaration form shall be valid only if the customs stamps its seal on it);
(3) A copy of the first page of the visa and a copy of the entry seal for frontier inspection. If the visa is electronic, the electronic signature certificate shall be provided; Or if there is no entry seal, the description of no entry seal shall be provided;
(4) Ticket information (e-ticket, itinerary and screenshot of ticket purchasing website can be valid within 6 months);
(5) List of Inbound Luggage and articles signed and confirmed by the customer: all articles must be declared in detail and truthfully, including the name, specification, quantity, value, new and old, etc. All luggage and articles may involve taxation, which shall be subject to the confirmation of the customs.
(6) Other documents that may be required for customs clearance (it is not necessary to upload the documents when receiving them. During customs clearance, the customer service at the port shall contact the customer separately according to the customs requirements, such as the description of kinship, the power of attorney for customs clearance, etc.)

3. 100% Inspection Required

Your package must be opened for inspection before it is shipped:
1) Pieces must be reasonable for “personal use”, for example, 10 facial cleansers are obviously not reasonable for “personal use”
2) Prohibited items: New/unopened items, supplements, medicines, or any type of food and electronics, (General export and import regulations apply), any items related to aviation safety