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Dear valued customers,

                In accordance with the current Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department’s import regulations, a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) must be provided for shipments that might fall into the dangerous goods category, such as electronics, liquids and powders. An MSDS contains detailed information on the contents of the shipment with a technical breakdown of the components and/or substances in the item.

                Due to all shipments tendered to SF International for export from Canada to any overseas countries or regions may be transited to Hong Kong, with immediate effect, an MSDS must be provided for shipments that might be mistaken, perceived, or related to dangerous goods. After the MSDS is provided, SF International’s specialists will review the shipment documents, and the shipment will be sent as a regular shipment once it has been validated.

                SF International does not ship class 1-9 of dangerous goods, except electronics and weak magnetic goods in class 9. For shipments from US to India, SF International does not ship any class of dangerous goods.

                To avoid delays or returns due to a missing MSDS, please contact us at 1 (647)924-2668 to provide an MSDS when you ship with SF International.


Common commodities that require an MSDS:

  •          Liquids: such as lotion, toner, and make-up remover.
  •          Electronics: including toys that have a battery or a lithium component.

*Whether or not the battery has been removed, an MSDS is required for our team to ascertain its eligibility for shipping.

  •          Powders, gel and paste: such as milk powder, loose powder, and aloe gel.


How to get an MSDS for your shipment:

Normally, an MSDS is readily obtainable online for common commercialized/readily available commodities. If the product is specially manufactured or you are not sure about the contents, please contact the manufacturer for the MSDS.


SF International