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Notice of Dangerous Goods shipping and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)


Shipping Instructions

Dear valued customer, 

Thank you for choosing SF-Express as your courier!

For your convenience, we have include this easy to follow shipping guide.


Step 1: Check the SF Canada online order drop off locations,

choose your preferred drop-off options.

* Tips: Shipping price might different with drop-off options, use “Shipping Calculator” in main page to see the estimated price. Final price will be calculated based on the dimensional or actual weight. 


Step 2: Click on “Start Shipping”, enter your shipping information, and select your drop-off options.
*Tips: Once the order is completed, drop off options cannot be changed.


Step 3: Check your email and print the attached Neighbour Express or UPS label, SF Waybill and Commercial Invoice. 


Step 4: Review the shipping information and sign on the SF waybill.


Step 5: Pack your shipping item properly, place the signed SF waybill and Commercial Invoice inside of the package, and attach the Neighbour Express or UPS label to outside of the package. 

*Tips: Make sure the label printed clearly, do not obstruct the barcode and address.


Step 6: Go to the drop-off location to drop off the package.
*Tips: Packing and label printing services might not available in the drop-off locations, make sure you pack and print before drop-off.



All the shipments will be weighted and measured at our facility, final shipping cost is based on the dimensional weight or actual weight, and whichever is greater.
Dimensional Weight Formula:
Dimensional Weight== (L x W x H ) Inch/139

The maximum weight limit for document shipping is 5 pounds.

For any questions, please contact us at (647)924-2668.


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